Ok... I have to be completely honest... this is my FAVORITE SECTION !! Being from the South... and especially Texas, I love great food! Some of the dishes are also inspired flavors from Turks and Caicos! You won't find the healthiest of meals on here, but I'm sharing All my delicious Favorites!! I am a Food network junkie! I also can't take credit for the recipes... I will post the links for you for easy access!! CHEERS

I found these beauties at Costco... it's called Mamamango and it is  Mango Moscato !! If you are looking for something different, light and crisp... try this!!! My new favorite find and  $7.00 a Bottle!!!

I'm not a HUGE wine drinker, but when I do... this has become my new favorite! Groth Cabernet is full bodied and dry! Give it a try next time you grill a steak!

King's Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders with Hawaiian Slaw http://www.kingshawaiian.com/recipes/pulled-pork-sliders-with-hawaiian-slaw/

My FAVORITE Christmas sugar cookie!



OK.... now for the good part! Click links for recipes below !

More recipes coming soon!!!