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2017 Turks and Caicos Review 

 Since we've been going since 2008 .. I have lots of great information and I have included the links for easy access , just click on highlighted links for instant info!! ( I'm not a writer so just bear with me... as I just give you loads of information and plenty of run on sentences LOL) . We just returned from Christmas Break 2016... and it was one of my Favorite trips and time of year to visit Provo... if you can book it I would !! We took my youngest son this trip, he's about to turn 16 in January, he's already planning his next visit back!! I will try to include his favorites in this blog so you have an idea if you bring your kids the things teens might like! On a very honest note... I will say this .... we had to postpone our May 2016 trip this year to July, due to my husbands Job, with all the flooding in Houston... and I can tell you we will not be going back in the mid summer months!! It's just too hot... hotter than Houston with even more humidity.. but still beautiful. Late May, early June is my cut off recommendation. Also, a side note... summer is the slow season in Turks and Caicos because it is so hot and hurricane season.... a lot of the restaurants that you really want to visit also close the entire month from end of August thru September.. so just something to keep in mind... and it's NOT Lobster Season in the Summer so NO LOBSTER!!!! (Lobster's are Only available August thru April).

Flights and Car Rentals:

So here goes... first of all you will be going to Providenciales Turks and Caicos and that is PLS airport code when researching flights. There is FINALLY a direct flight to Provo from IAH (Houston/George Bush Airport) and that is on United Airlines... (about 3 hours nonstop) You really have to search for it.. usually is on a Friday or Saturday. On all other airlines you will have a connecting flight... we have tried them all and from experience the best is American Airlines round trip thru Miami.... but United and Delta fly to Provo thru North Carolina and Atlanta. Usually if you leave around 6am you will land in Provo around 2-3pm with one stop.

Next in my opinion is a MUST... Car Rental.... for the last 4 years we have rented from Todd@ Gracebay Car Rentals they are absolutely wonderful and you pick up your car right as you walk out of the airport as well as drop off. very convenient and priced competitively!!Fun fact....(there are NO stop lights on the island and you drive on the wrong side of the road and wrong side of car).

Villa's and Resorts:

Next is Villa/Resort where to stay?? One of the first places I like to look at if your not going for a full 7nights is Costco Travel , you just click the link to Carribean then Turks and Caicos and package price includes hotel, flights, airport transfers (if you don't rent a car but I would encourage renting... see that section of this blog) and some even include free daily breakfasts. Even if you aren't a Costco member you can become one for $50 extra when booking your trip... it's well worth it if you find a great package!!

 Now if your trip is at least 8days/7nights I would defiantly look into TC Villas ... they are wonderful and we have booked with them numerous times.. nice if you want to be very secluded and enjoy cooking (there are 2 IGA Grocery stores the one close to Seven Stars has a fantastic selection and very fresh) .

If you are going less than 7 nights or like to have more service I would recommend a few resorts.... I am not a huge fan of all-inclusive (but they have a Beaches Resort if you are taking little kids and book way in advance ... I've heard they fill up fast) and there really aren't a lot of these in Provo... plus you miss so many of the local beach front settings restaurants as the island is so small it's really fun to drive to some local favorites ! So here are the resorts I would recommend: The Somerset (very quiet resort,adult) , T&C (very modern /adult) , and Seven Stars Resort (more kid/teen friendly but one of my Favorites in the heart of everything!! ) . The Palms (more kid/teen friendly) . If you want ultimate seclusion then Amanyara is for you... not on Gracebay but to die for! (very adult/ Brad Pitt just stayed here over Thanksgiving!) . Overall...there are plenty great resorts in addition to all of these... I would recommend going on TripAdvisor to help with your decision making... they have all the resorts ranked! And you might find a better fit for you and your family! Check all the resorts out and their reviews here:

(**** here is also a review from a good friend of mine who recently visited and loved her experience at The Beach House... "I stayed at the beach house and it was wonderful it is a boutique hotel where everybody knows your name! I love that when you go to the beach you do not have to look for a seat you have your own private area with your name written on it. It's a beautiful padded bad with perfect views of the ocean. The service on the beach is fantastic and also the restaurant is a five-star restaurant. I love the hotel because it feels like you're in your own one bedroom apartment with a beautiful kitchen living room and dining room area!! By the way they also have an all inclusive plan" ( thank you Sheila for the awesome review!!))

Excursions and Activities:

The highlight of our last December trip with my son had to be the full day trip to West Caicos with Big Blue Unlimited it was AMAZING!! West Caicos has the most gorgeous clear water for snorkeling I have ever seen in Turks and Caicos... and Big Blue Unlimited doesn't disappoint... 100% will do this trip again!!

 I also highly recommend taking a half day or full day excursion which includes trip to private beaches, lunch, fresh caught lobster and views of a life time with Kenard Cruises they are top notch and great guys!!!

Bite Me Sport Fishing if you want to go off shore or fish the reef! or Panopoly Sport Fishing and Luxury Charters .

Another fun excursion is the 2 hour jet ski tour of Turks...this was also my son's favorite... as he had his own jetski and loved it!! we booked thru SUN AND FUN TCI (book them thru tripadvisor/email ) costs around $370, for 2 hours ... 2 people can ride on one jet ski... The water is so clear even miles out... you go to the shipwreck that's about 2 miles offshore, see the conch farms, go to a private gorgeous white sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean and also go out to Parrot Cay (we saw Oprah, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Donna Karen, Keith Richards and Gene Simmons Island Estates!) I think we went about 25 miles.. I will defiantly book again!!!

If your into Diving I would also recommend DIVE PROVO They are experts! Provo has the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world ... So great snorkeling and diving. .. Smith's Reef in front of Turtle Cove has great Snorkeling if your experienced.

My son and husband also Parasailed this trip... you can ask your concierge about this or the guys located out on the beaches on Grace Bay ... they will have you parasailing in 30 min or less.

A day trip to Middle Caicos is well worth the photos... You will take the 8 or 9am TCI ferry to North Caicos and then rent a car ( I recommend Pelican Car rentals they will meet you at the Ferry and it's $75 cash for entire day and drive about 40 min to Middle Caicos and Mudjin Harbor which is just BREATHTAKING have lunch at Mudjin Bar and Grill in Mudjin Harbor then return on the 4pm Ferry back to Provo!!

Drive and lunch in Chalk Sound will be some of the most electric blue/turquoise water you will see on the island and while your out there grab a bite at Las Brisas fun 1/2 day trip.

If you love Golf, Provo Golf is also a fun activity... it is a gorgeous course and the course ambassador is David Feherty . Last time we were in there a round was about $180pp.. and they also offer tennis... can't remember how many courts but there were a few! They have a great gift shop for take home gifts as well.

Most of the resorts also offer free Stand Up Paddle Boarding (my son LOVED this!) , Kayaking , and Snorkeling just check with the Concierge.

Finally, I don't know if I would consider this last idea an excursion... but it is a great activity... as you know we adopted "CAKE" from Provo in 2008... (sadly, she past away August of 2016) she was one of the many island dogs/puppies that needed rescuing... you can go to Saltmill's Plaza where the PotCake Place located and take a puppy out for the morning... you can walk it on the beach, have playtime and just give it some love that it normally wouldn't receive... get there early... people line up at the door they open at 10am... and if you really fall in love ... give him/her a forever home and bring it back to the U.S. with you on the plane in a carrier they give you under your seat!! They are a fantastic Charity... please stop by and make a small donation on your way thru if nothing else... they will greatly appreciate it! (we always take puppy pee pads.... you would think we handed the a million dollars they are so appreciative... so keep that in mind!)

Restaurant's and Dining:

Ok.... now for the hard part.... let me try and narrow down my favorite must stop restaurants .... when we are on vacation we like to experience island food and atmosphere so that best describes these: Kalookies , Bugaloos , One of my Son's absolute Favorite was Coco Bistro ... it is such a beautiful setting , he ordered the Lamb , He also really enjoyed Fire and Ice with their Table Top Charcoal BBQ Grill... your choice of 3 meats so fun and interactive... and DELICIOUS!! . One of our all time Favorites is Baci... just trust me, you have to get the Fettucine Alfredo with Shaved Ham or Shrimp.... It is the best I have ever had in my life and same every visit.. my son is still talking about it. !! My FAVORITE spot is... The Conch Shack try the CONCH SALAD, RUM PUNCH and rum raisin ice cream! I could sit here for hours and just enjoy the afternoon...Also if you want any hair braids ask girls selling shells down in front ...they always do mine!! $9! , Caicos Cafe is also another tourist favorite! , Danny Bouys (great outside spot to catch a game right in the heart of gracebay) Friday is grilled chicken and rib night.. Wednesday's grilled JERK chicken night... Both delicious! , (across from Danny Bouys... Is FOTTAC (flavors of the turks and caicos)  gift shop make sure you make a quick stop in there for Bambara Rum Cake...made from the Rum on TCI... These make great Christmas Gifts!) , Via Vento (Saturday night Pizza night!) , Somewhere cafĂ© (coconut Banana Pancakes And dirty fries!! ) and Hemmingways love their breakfast/French toast! , Mr. Grouper (a locals favorite!!) I SERIOUSLY COULD EAT HERE EVERYNIGHT BEST FISH ON THE ISLAND ! There is also a Thursday Night Fish Fry.. where locals and tourist come together (I would say you need to at least try it once) to enjoy great local cuisine every Thursday Nightin Bight Park ! One of our favorite dinner spots is Baci near Turtle Cove (order the entire Red Snapper.. and all the pasta's are delicious! ** posted about this twice so you know its GOOD!  Best Pizza is a BELLA LUNA.. they even ship in the water to make the crust... it's DELICIOUS!! AND BEST COCKTAILS... are at "Seven" inside Seven Stars Resort... Stop by and see our dear friend Nikolo' he takes so much pride in every drink , it's a work of art! My favorite are the espresso martinis! BEST COFFEE/Latte: is at Lemon2Go... Cute little morning stop with great candles to bring back in your suitcase as gifts! . Last but not least MELT.. A fun place to bring you kids for over the top ice cream and sundae's great espresso/coffee too and gift as well !!

Final thoughts:

Provo is defiantly a relaxing holiday/vacation.... ZERO nightlife to speak of so if that's what your looking for this is the wrong place! I wasn't sure if taking a teenage would be a great idea or if he would be bored... well I can tell you this.. one of the BEST TRIPS we ever had and we're already planning a trip back with him!!! Gracebay Beach is the biggest attraction as well as fantastic scuba and snorkeling! My Motto: EAT, DRINK, BEACH, REPEAT!! LOL....this is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and I hope by sharing some of this info you can also enjoy it as much as we do!!! I also HIGHLY recommend looking at offers a lot of info on EVERYTHING (click on links to the left once on the site for their online Magazine and Dining Guides) !! CHEERS... and let me know if you have any other questions!! Hope to see all your Turks and Caicos photos soon!! (checkout my Instagram for more photos @rebeccafishercrow )